Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fruit Cards

I've asked you all about what was your favorite card on my shop. For me, I'm loving the fruit cards. Here are my favorites:

It's kind of corny but while I was thinking of the little things the cards would say, I think of all the corny things I say to Jason. haha What is your favorite little corny saying?


  1. those cards are adorable! I am really into card making too but mine are not as cute as yours. anyway, just a suggestion, maybe u can make more complicated but equally pretty cards to sell! I get inspiration from websites like madewithlove or papermarket!

  2. cute!

  3. joanne - thanks for the advice! i would like to make more cards that is more "handmade" :) i bought supplies, just haven't started yet hehe.

    greyskysaturday - thanks! i tried to do cute ones that people can buy for their significant other.

  4. Hey Twinny
    When big brother told me about your cards it took me a few days to really check them out. They're amazing. You've done a wonderful job making them :P
    My new bf and I have a corny little saying we say to each other. It's silly to everyone but special to us. It's "Keep The Home Fires Burning"
    I think you know what I mean lol. Perhaps you could make a card with flames and put that on it.
    TTYL :)

  5. These are so so cute! The banana ones are adorable! x