Monday, May 16, 2011

I love it

I'm very excited to help my friends decorate their parties. I can't wait to start on them! Would need to get my organizer and pencil these events in.

- Baby shower
- In n Out theme birthday party
- Pirate theme birthday party
- Decoration for a wedding
- Friend's coworker baby shower

I just love being busy! As I was looking at my bookmarked blogs, I came across this photo of a tent. My friends and I will be going camping and I'm really excited. I told Jason I really want a nice big tent. haha, lets see if he agrees with me on this one.

Photo from: 100layercake

Wouldn't that be awesome to camp in or just to hang out in with your friends? Our tent could be the party tent. haha. I convinced one of my friends that we make signs in front of everyone's tent with a tribal name. I'll be the camera lady so hopefully I catch some good shots. :)

Any advice for me about camping? Something I should bring?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Blogger Annie - Etsy Resources

I met Annie on Etsy, she was kind enough to give us some tips on etsy! Be sure to also check out her blog, etsy, facebook and twitter. Thanks for dropping by Annie!


I was browsing around Etsy the other day trying to find something about the site I didn’t already know. And you know what? I found it… Something so simple and useful that I had no idea about!

Have you ever clicked on the Resources tab under Etsy Community? No? Me neither… Yes? Don’t rub it in…

There are quite a few tools for you to use on and off Etsy. These two caught my eye ~ Banners & Avatars and Banner Generator.

Banners & Avatars is just what it sounds like ~ premade banners and avatars that are available to all Etsians announcing shop sales or vacations. I absolutely love it. I’m one of those sellers who created my own banner and avatar and I don’t want to create a gazillion of them for sales, vacations, and holidays. I can just go there, grab the one I want, and stick it on my shop. Same thing with the avatars, but they’re a little more customizable. You can choose between a “frame” to put over your current avatar (some photo editing knowledge required, but there are directions) or an all out new avatar. I love the frame ones, wish I would have thought of that…


The Banner Generator is so simple to use and has some colorful spring time options. All you have to do is enter your shop name and your shop’s tagline, select the image you want to use, and voila ~ you have yourself a new banner. You don’t even have to own Photoshop.


That’s not all there is to offer at Etsy Resources, you can also view the Seller Handbook, grab a badge or button for your blog, snag some great seller deals (from MOO Cards, FedEx, and others), as well as, find some VERY useful Etsy apps. Those I did already know about… surprisingly. You can also view all of this from “Your Etsy” way down at the bottom!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm back

I've been hiatus because of my charger for my laptop. Well now I'm back! Since then I didn't really have any access for my blog. Then when I went to check on my etsy, all my listings were gone because they were expired!! There's a lot of things I need to catch up on.

I got this card for my mom. I thought it was really cute!! It was an embossed card. She really liked it. I hope she keeps it forever :) My brother told me to include his name in the card which didn't really make sense to me because I wrote a really nice story about my mom and I when I was in high school then at the bottom it said "and jordan"... My mom knew he didn't sign it, its not his story , its not his signature. Haha but the next day she wrote an email saying she loved my card. So it felt good to make my mom smile.

Well I hope you all didn't forget about me. I'm in the process on working with new jewelry designs! Oh and guess what? I have a job now! Yay! btw, happy birthday sweetie! <3 i love you