Thursday, January 27, 2011

Resin Pendant advice

I need an advice. I've purchased these resin pendants long time ago and realized I ordered the wrong kind. The material was too hard with what I wanted to work with. Before I blab about random things here is the question. What do you think I can create with this resin pendant? I have one idea but I'm not sure if it's good enough.

I have so many of these!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The story behind "Nina".

Nina was a name that was given to me. Jasmine Nina, Yeup it was good. Well I was in the car scene and I used Nina as my name. There were lots of Jasmine's in the industry when I wanted to start out so I wanted something different, sorta. There were other Nina's that I realized after I used it as my main name. Awe well it was too late.

There were many times that I decided to leave the scene, I started out when I was 18. I enjoyed the attention, the friends I made, the traveling, oh how I miss the traveling! But it was time for me to leave, I achieved what I wanted, get on magazines. After that I was pretty happy. I left the scene at 23. It was time for me to start fresh, and that's where YourSweetTreat came into my life. I have always loved crafts. Before then I just modeled, retouch photos and made website layouts. I was more of a hands on type of girl. As much as I loved modeling, crafting was more important to me. It let me express my feelings, not stress much about anything.

Plus, everyone was happy for me. My family and friends. They always supported me along the way. I don't regret modeling, I met some awesome people who I became great friends with. It's just my past, and it was time for me to move forward.

People still call me Nina, which I don't mind, but Jaz would be good too. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Erased the past

So I decided to erase everything on my blog and start something fresh. Something new. Something more exciting. I'm reading "The Handmade Market Place" by Kari Chapin and it's got me thinking.. Improve my business! Well that was the whole point of this book.

I've never been a great writer or blogger, and it says that I shouldn't even be trying that hard on my blog. Blogging should be about me, and what I do. So that's what I'll be blogging about. About me, about my life, about what I'm doing with myself. This blog will state and let you understand who I am. Hi, I'm Jasmine. I was known as a girl named Nina, or actually I'm still known as Nina. And you want to know why? Stick around and you'll find out. :)

And if you already know why, don't spoil it for others. *shakes finger at you*