Thursday, January 20, 2011

Erased the past

So I decided to erase everything on my blog and start something fresh. Something new. Something more exciting. I'm reading "The Handmade Market Place" by Kari Chapin and it's got me thinking.. Improve my business! Well that was the whole point of this book.

I've never been a great writer or blogger, and it says that I shouldn't even be trying that hard on my blog. Blogging should be about me, and what I do. So that's what I'll be blogging about. About me, about my life, about what I'm doing with myself. This blog will state and let you understand who I am. Hi, I'm Jasmine. I was known as a girl named Nina, or actually I'm still known as Nina. And you want to know why? Stick around and you'll find out. :)

And if you already know why, don't spoil it for others. *shakes finger at you*


  1. I really like the new blog! I look forward to future postings. Thanks for adding a little sunshine into our lives.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited to see what you have in store :)

  3. Hi Abigail! Thanks so much! You are such a nice girl. I'm hoping to come up with something nice for my layout. Just can't think of a layout right now hehe.

  4. Thanks Kaylen! :) Keep up the good work on your blogs!

  5. I think anything in life needs to evolve to improve. I really think your not doing anything that a normal blogger would do. Its not about the design, its about the content & if your able to draw your modeling fans to this new venture, your doing work. Starting any new business is tough but your doing great Nina to me. Let me clarify the doing work thing, meaning getting new eyes every so often male or female.